The Day I Dared to Take Action

In September 2017, when I came back from an incredible trip to France, I came to the realization that I hadn’t been putting myself first for a while. My trip allowed me to take a step back, and my return to reality kind of hit me in the face. My interests, my dreams, my hobbies, everything that gave me my joie de vivre, had been put aside. My ambitious self, the one who is not afraid to take action to realize my dreams, was hidden under layers of doubts, excuses and lack of confidence.


Choose Happiness

I felt like I was standing still, caught in a routine that didn’t make me feel like I was achieving anything. I had put all my energy in the wrong places. I was utterly exhausted and the fire inside of me was almost extinguished.

One day, I had enough. I realized that I had spent two years putting effort into things that did not satisfy me. I was faced with two options: to continue to be unhappy or to make significant changes in my life. So, with a sense of urgency, of “it’s now or never”, but also a deep motivation to succeed, I chose the second option.



Confront Your Fears

My biggest problem was that I was scared. I was overcome with a fear of failure, a negative perception of myself, a fear of judgment… in short, with a bunch of reasons and excuses that prevented me from taking action.

I made the conscious choice to face my demons, knowing that the changes would not happen overnight. It took me a while to change my mindset. Even when you’re super motivated, it can be hard to fully regain control of your thoughts. Bad habits left me feeling “trapped” in old patterns, in my body and in my head, and played tricks on me. Every morning is a new beginning. Once you accept that the process can be long and arduous, everything seems easier and you’ll feel more patient and conciliatory towards yourself. Then, one day, the wheel finally starts to turn on its own and efforts start paying off.


Continue Moving Forward

Making important changes in your life takes time, willingness and consistency. It is about not giving up at the first challenge, it is about knowing that you’ll probably fail several times before succeeding. It’s about having a state of mind where you are finally at peace with failure. In fact, you no longer even see it as failure, but rather as small bump in the road to success.

Often, the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is their ability to take action. Too often, we hesitate, we take a step forward, we take a step back, and we give up. We push it back, thinking it would be easier later. We finally end up never doing it and have regrets.

It is also about forgiving yourself, letting go of things you have done or haven’t done in the past. It is to realize that all you can control is the present moment, here, now.

To me, this second chance that I gave myself allowed me to finally lift the weight that weighed on my shoulders. I began to believe in myself again, to trust myself, to believe in my abilities. My creativity is back, my ambition and my energy too.

To realize your dreams and achieve your goals, you must work and give yourself the tools to make it happen. I took all the energy I had and channeled it with the only intention of achieving my goal.

I stopped thinking too much, over-analyzing, and I just went for it.


Celebrate Each Milestone

It’s a long-term challenge that I’m doing for me, and only me. I am still far from my destination, but this realization has given me a whole new way of approaching the difficulties and new challenges I encounter. Rather than seeing them as insurmountable, I now see them as a series of small steps to take. And once I get past them, they become small victories. Each victory, no matter how small, brings the most rewarding sense of pride.

Until next time!