Pregnancy Announcement: Baby No. 1

Louis and I are truly excited to announce that we are expecting baby number 1!

We’ve known for a while now, and we’ve enjoyed keeping that little secret between the two of us. But since my belly has popped (!), we figured we’d share it with the world!

Photo credit: Audrey Godin Photographe
Photo credit: Audrey Godin Photographe

How We Found Out

We always knew we wanted a big family and we talked about having our first child around 30 years old (we’re 28). Last July, I went off birth control for health reasons. Louis and I were very careful because our wedding was in September, and, well, you know… #weddingdress!

My menstrual cycle was normal from the start, so I could easily track my ovulation. In early December however, I was under a lot of stress, so I missed my period. I took not one but two pregnancy tests, and they turned out to be negative.

The feeling was honestly bitter-sweet. As much as we said we weren’t ready (are we ever?), not being pregnant was kind of a disappointment. That “scare” forced us to discuss the whole baby thing and what we wanted and when.

From there, I feel like we were just in “whatever happen, happens” mood. And it happened. Pretty fast, too. I probably got pregnant a week after my two negative pregnancy tests. We, however, officially found out only early February.

Since my period was late in December, when I missed my period in January, I (naively) thought that I was just no longer regular. Then, I left for Danemark to visit my friend Gen for a week. She suggested I take a pregnancy test over there, but I didn’t want to take it without Louis (and I was still a bit in denial, tbh).

When I came back to Canada, it was already the end of January. I hadn’t had any “weird” symptoms during trip, I felt pretty good. I remember thinking that everybody smelled funny on the plane, but I’ve always had a very developed sense of smell, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Two days after I returned, I bought a test and took it right before Louis came back from work. The plus sign took literally half a second to appear. There it was, we were having a baby!

Photo credit: Audrey Godin Photographe
Photo credit: Audrey Godin Photographe

Boy or Girl?

At first, we wanted to wait to find out the baby’s sex, but as weeks passed by, we got more and more curious.

At 12 weeks, I had a prenatal test done to screen for Down Syndrome and other rare genetic disorders. That specific test, which consists in a simple blood test, can also be used to identify foetal sex by analyzing cell-free foetal DNA found in maternal blood early in pregnancy.

When the nurse came to our place for the blood test, I asked for the foetal DNA analysis, so we’d know our baby’s sex once the results were in.

For some reason, our doctor didn’t have our results in hand at our next routine appointment, so we had to wait a little longer than expected. Usually, it only takes about 10 days before you get your results back.

When my doctor’s secretary called me with the results, I asked her to call my mom to tell her first. I didn’t want to learn if it was a boy or a girl over the phone, and without my husband. I asked my parents to write down the baby’s sex and place the answer in a sealed envelope. Later that week, I passed by my parents’ house to get the enveloppe.

That night, Louis made dinner and we opened the enveloppe together. My parents bought a card and my dad wrote an enigma that got our brains working for a moment. Finally, he wrote the answer in tiny characters on the back of the card.

“It’s a boy!”

Photo credit: Audrey Godin Photographe

Baby Marandola is due to arrive September 3rd, 2019. Stay tuned for the name reveal!