Celebrating 11 Years Together!

Louis and I are celebrating 11 years of love today! What an emotional roller coaster it’s been!

This man has been my anchor for almost half of my life now and I want to dedicate this day to him and his unconditional support and love.

After 11 years, you’d think you know the other person inside out, but Louis still surprises me by being a better man and partner every single day. As we grow older, he’s becoming the man I always knew he could be. I am so grateful to have the chance to watch him blossom into a strong and confident man who knows what he stands for.

As he started teaching young boys how to play football, I got to observe a new side of him. A more patient and considerate version of him, almost fatherly. I have to admit, I totally melted. It made me love him even more and, for the first time, look forward to starting a family with him. I already know he’ll be the most supportive and caring father in the world. I can’t wait for us to have our own little football team.

I’m also proud to have found a partner who is so devoted to others. By giving his time and love to the ones he cares most about. I admire his commitment and loyalty toward his family and friends.

Don’t get me wrong, we have bad days like everyone else. When we met in high school, we surely didn’t know we’d stick together for this long. 11 years, can you believe it? We have been through so many ups and downs throughout the years that we could have easily parted ways if we had wanted to. But we always kept the faith and found the sparkle within us to move forward and past our struggles.

Louis has found the strength to stay by my side through difficult times and I am so grateful I could count on him. When I started having anxiety attacks a couple years back and we didn’t really know what was going on, he made me feel safe. When my confidence was at its lowest, he made me feel beautiful. When I felt worthless, he made me feel special. When I needed him, he was always there, no matter what.

No matter what crazy idea I have, I know he’ll be there, cheering me on. No matter what bad joke I tell, I know he’ll be there, laughing his ass off. No matter what decision I make, I know he’ll be there, having my back. No matter what happens, I know we’ll stick together. And for all of those reasons, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

As we celebrate our 11th year anniversary, I’m looking forward to the next few months, as we’ll also celebrate us moving in together (finally!) and saying “I do”. 2018 definitely is a big year for the both of us and I’m so grateful I get to spend it by his side!

Here’s a throwback to some of our favorite moments together :

December, 2017 : With some friends, we flew to Kansas City for a NFL game.


November, 2014 : When I graduated in Communications and Advertising at Université of Montréal.


August, 2015 : At our friends Gian Vito and Jessica’s wedding!


January, 2014 : When we had the time of our lives at Walt Disney World.


October, 2011 : When Louis played football with the McGill Redmen, I definitely was his #1 fan!


October, 2017 : At our engagement brunch, surrounded with our family and friends.


Until next time,