Cacao 70’s New Sweet House in Montreal

I am the kind of person who absolutely has to eat dessert after a meal to be happy! So when a new spot dedicated to chocolate and sweet delicacies opens near my place, it’s impossible to resist.


The Sweet House

Last week, Cacao 70 invited me to discover its first Sweet House in Quebec, located in the Galeries d’Anjou, in Montreal. As I live close, I had already seen it from the outside and was really looking forward to the official opening.

Because I know she has a sweet tooth just like me, I invited my friend Véronique to come with me at the tasting. The Sweet House menu contains many new and exclusive choices not found in other Cacao 70 locations.

Fun fact: when I confirmed our visit, I completely mixed up the dates. I said that we would be there on Monday, April 24th. However, the 24th was a Tuesday. So we showed up on the Monday, but were expected the next day. #oops The staff made us feel welcomed and made the whole situation a lot less embarrassing. Thanks for that! ♥ ︎


The Decor

I cannot write about this place without mentioning its decor straight out of Pinterest. Refreshing Summer colors that make you want to take lots of photos, and not just of the food!

The Dream Decor. | photo credit : Cacao 70


The Menu

Vero and I ordered a variety of choices on the sweet menu. I say “sweet” because there’s also a brunch menu, available every day between 10am and 4pm, which looks just as delicious. Find it here!

We started with the famous “Camp-Out”: a waffle with a mini-ball of soft vanilla ice cream, dipped in milk chocolate and topped with whipped cream, roasted marshmallows, brownies and caramel sauce. Mmmmmmm.


The Camp-Out. | photo credit : Violaine Fiset


The next plates followed one another, starting with the triple chocolate cake. If you love chocolate, you’ll be delighted: chocolate whipped cream, chocolate cereal, chocolate sauce and chocolate fondue, in the middle of a three-tier chocolate cake.


The Triple Chocolate Cake. | photo credit : Violaine Fiset


We could not wait to taste the famous “pink fondue” that we saw on the menu. This little treat is actually a chocolate and Earl Grey fondue. And it really tastes like tea! The fondue is served with fresh fruits, and chocolate brownie and waffle bites.


The Chocolate and Earl Grey Fondue. | photo credit : Violaine Fiset


My Top Pick

The Catcha Matcha waffle combo was definitely our top pick. Not only is the presentation appetizing (it’s so beautiful you won’t want to touch it!), but the taste doesn’t disappoint either. The plate is mounted as follows: a Cacao 70 waffle with a mini-ball of soft vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate matcha, whipped cream, strawberries, coconut shavings and cheesecake. It’s definitely worth the try!


The Catcha Matcha. | photo credit : Violaine Fiset


Whether you want to brunch with friends, to grab a bite in the evening, or to simply enjoy a dipped ice cream cone on the go, Galeries d’Anjou’s Sweet House will delight you. A great little spot for chocolate happiness!


Our Feast. | photo credit : Violaine Fiset



7999, Des Galeries d’Anjou Boulevard
Montreal, QC, H1M 1W9

Monday 10am to 10pm
Tuesday 10am to 10pm
Wednesday 10am to 10pm
Thursday 10am to 10pm
Friday 10am to 10pm
Saturday 10am to 11pm
Sunday 10am to 11pm


Until next time!


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