Hey there!

I’m Andreane Viau, founder of the Andreane lifestyle brand.

Back in 2013, my desire to become my own boss got stronger than ever. I had graduated in Communications and Advertising at University of Montreal and got my first corporate job in one of the biggest agency in the world. Only a few months in, I started wanting to do my own thing, my own way.

At first, it didn’t feel normal. I kept asking myself why I couldn’t just be happy with a 9 to 5 job.

Long Story Short…

My grandfather, Andre Viau, was an entrepreneur. He owned a restaurant and a carpet store in Montreal in the sixties. He passed away before I was even born, but I’ve always felt a certain connection with him. Little did I know, I inherited his entrepreneurial side. Once it became clear that having my own business could lead me to a fulfilling future, I started embracing that part of me. It became my only option.

Andreane Viau

My first business was a collaborative blog, called Nerds. I wanted to create a digital space where my friends and I could share our thoughts on the ups and downs of the twenties. My goal was to create rich and entertaining content that was easy to relate to. Quickly, my team of writers grew to more than 70 and we got hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

That blog helped me evolve as an entrepreneur in so many ways. I got the lead a team, to develop a network, to collaborate with brands, to manage cash flow, to build a website and so much more. But mostly, I learned that mistakes happen, it’s inevitable. And that it’s the fastest way to grow and become a better businesswoman.

I have so many things to share and I want to connect with other women who have dreams and projects, and are willing to take the risk to make it happen. I want to meet ambitious women and help achieve their goals and see them succeed.

A New Brand

Four years after launching Nerds, I felt like it was time for me to move on to a new project. So, just before the fifth anniversary of my site, in Fall 2018, I sold my first business. The fact that people have the desire to invest time and resources in the project that I’ve built from scratch just confirmed that there was value to what I had created. That all the energy that I put in there finally wasn’t for nothing. I will not hide that it was a very difficult decision, my first business was like my baby. But this experience was, to say the least, rewarding!

Blogging being a passion of mine, I wanted to start a new blog that I would 100% relate to. So, I’ve decided to create a lifestyle brand, Andreane, that includes this blog, where I can share my daily adventures as a entrepreneur, but also as a twenty-something woman who has big adventures ahead of her. In 2017, I got engaged to my high school sweetheart, Louis. In 2018, we got married and moved into our first home. Now, I just can’t imagine what 2019 has in store for me.

On This Blog

A couple of years ago, I started having anxiety attacks. At first, I had no idea what was going on with me. I had physical symptoms but I couldn’t put words on how I felt. When my doctor suggested I take antidepressants, I knew I had to make lifestyle changes. As I know some people will only feel better or recover with medication, I was dedicated to overcome my mental illness in a natural way. I started my journey by integrating better eating and fitness habits in my daily life. I’ve learned so much over time and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

This new blog allows me to take a step back, to put things in perspective, to reflect, to create, to try to find balance, and to be grateful for where I am, in this present moment.

Thank you for joining me in this new adventure!

– A.